5 Resources You Should Use as Your Parents Get Older

iStock_000057202170_MediumIn our recent article, I’m Not Getting Older But My Parents Are, we discussed evaluating different options regarding the medical, legal and financial matters for your parents and provided a list of different resources you can use. Today, we have identified 5 resources to assist you as you and your parents navigate through the years ahead.

  1. National Association of Move Managers

The National Association of Move Managers helps aging adults and their families find Senior Move Managers, like TAD Relocation, to help with the daunting moving process.  Their mission is to “facilitate the physical and emotional aspects of relocation for older adults, to increase industry awareness, to establish a national referral network, to enhance the professional competence of members, and to promote the delivery of our services with compassion and integrity.”

  1. Aging Life Care Association

The primary role of the Aging Life Care Association is to provide resources to families so that they can problem solve and plan. They also provide assessments and monitoring, education and advocacy, and family caregiver coaching.   The ALCA assists in a variety of other areas, such as housing, home care services, medical management, communication, social activities, legal, financial, entitlements, and safety.

  1. National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc.

The NAELA is a great source to help you work through the nuances of different laws. Their mission is to give those who are aging access to premier providers of legal advocacy, guidance and services in order to enhance their lives. NAELA can also assist with mapping out and protecting your parent’s assets.

  1. American Association of Daily Money Makers

The professionals of the American Association of Daily Money Makers provide financial services for aging adults, disabled persons, busy professionals and others. These services range from things as simple as checking and sorting mail to more detailed tasks such as writing checks to pay bills and balancing the checkbook.

  1. Guide to Retirement Living

The Guide to Retirement Living is a free published guide and website with a focus on housing for the aging adult. Additionally, they provide information on homecare, aging in place, care management, health, money and legal matters, and moving or downsizing.

As your parents get older you will be faced with many choices to make. Some may seem self-explanatory, while others may require additional assistance from an expert. Be sure to use the resources provided to help you make the right choices for your parents and entire family. If you would like more tips on transitioning, be sure to visit our website. If you need help strategizing your transition be sure to contact us at 240.403.0177.