6 Reasons Your Grandkids Don’t Want Your Stuff

iStock_000014371678_MediumThe way the economy has been over the past decade has changed the way that people are buying and ultimately, how they are living their lives. Your grandkids, who are considered the Millennials, seem to be the ones impacted the most when compared to other generations with higher unemployment rates and increased student debt. The economy and many other factors have reshaped the way Millennials think, which in the end actually impacts their willingness to take your hand-me-downs.

Here are 6 reasons why they likely won’t want your stuff when you are downsizing.

  1. They don’t have much space. Most Millennials live in the city or choose to live in smaller spaces, giving them very a small amount of storage. They simply don’t have the space to keep extra stuff that doesn’t enhance their lives.
  2. They don’t keep one job. Millennials typically aren’t like other generations that landed a job and retired there. They tend to change jobs a lot, which can mean moving around. The less to move, the better they are.
  3. They’re green. Millennials are more conscious of what they’re doing to the environment these days and tend to carry a smaller footprint. They don’t like to produce much waste and don’t have as many possessions that clutter their lives.
  4. Technology. Your grandkids would rather read a book on a kindle than have hundreds of books stacked up at home. Everything is moving digitally, so they are less likely to want anything that can’t be stored digitally. If they do take it, they will most likely convert it to digital.
  5. Possessions don’t indicate their status. For several other generations, the more you had, the higher your social status. Most Millennials tend to have what meets their needs, and would rather spend their time having great experiences rather than managing stuff that has no bearing on who they really are.
  6. Style. Trends do come back around, but unfortunately that dress or nice shirt you like to wear out to dinner with friends isn’t the same thing your grandkids would like to wear. And aside from clothes, your style of furniture and other household items may not be the same either.

So what does all this mean? It means that when you’re transitioning, it’s important to downsize, but not by giving all of your belongings to your grandkids. Instead, use their knack for technology and get them to help you sell your items on online yard sales or sites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. If you’d like more assistance with how you can easily transition into your new home or need help planning, visit our website or give us a call at 240.403.0177.