7 Housing Renovation Trends for Today’s Aging Adult

Senior Couple Looking Over Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.The U.S Census Bureau shows that in 2012 the population of baby boomers in the U.S. totaled 76.4 million, which is nearly a quarter of the entire U.S. population. So what does this mean for your aging adult community? It means that your future is looking bright as thousands of baby boomers are reaching retirement. The Census Bureau projects that by 2029 the youngest of baby boomers will reach age 65 making the baby-boom population roughly 61.3 million. While many baby boomers will continue to live on their own, David Schless, President of the American Senior Housing Association, says that 5-8% will want seniors-only multifamily housing. That means more than 3 million baby boomers will be seeking housing for the aging adult, also known as senior housing.

To get ready for this, you may want to consider what the trends will be in the future that Boomers will be looking for and expecting and consider renovating your community to remain competitive in the senior housing market. We’d like to share 7 housing renovation trends that can help you do so.

1. Walk-in showers instead of tubs.


2. Door handles rather than doorknobs.

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3. Pull out shelves in kitchens.


4. Adjustable showerheads.

5. Adjustable hanging bars in closets.


6. Better lighting.


7. Emergency alert necklaces rather than mounted pull cords.


The point of each of these trends is to help the aging adult maintain their independence and age in place. When potential residents are considering your community and evaluating the space that may be their future home, they want to know they’ll be accommodated. They will be more motivated to move to a place where they will be able to maintain their independence as long as they can knowing the community has considered and offered some, if not all, of these options. Additionally, they will feel more confident with their decision to move to your community knowing that the design of the apartment will help them to age in place. Concierge services, adjustable rods in closets, walk in showers and tubs, and pull out shelves, transportation to off-site activities are just a few things that appeal to the Boomers now looking to make a move . While you’re making sure that their needs are met once they move into your community, we’ll make sure that they’re met during the transition. To partner with TAD Relocation to make sure your residents are getting moved the right way and into the right place, give us a call at 240.403.0177. You can also contact us online.