Downsizing and Moving Team

Crew Members

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Pure and simple, great people make companies great and we have the team to prove it.

We are grateful and honored to work side by side with so many dedicated and caring people. All of our crew members join us to participate in the purposeful mission of helping seniors make one of the most difficult transitions of their lives.

Our crew members’ previous and current careers range from retired nurses and finance managers to production managers and realtors, and many other diversified careers. They are very passionate about our clients and providing them with a wonderful transition experience. They truly love what they do and our thousands of previous clients can attest to that.

We support our crew’s growth by developing new skills and knowledge through our Business Information Guide, exchange of current industry information and educational meetings.

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Service Partners

In addition to our crew members our service partners are an integral part of our team. We have partnered with local companies that provide an array of services from electrical to TV mounting that are familiar with our processes and systems.

Our combined teams ensure you an efficient and seamless move process. We can work with any companies you choose but strongly encourage using our integrated move partners. Like a relay race, there’s a much greater chance of winning the race with runners that know how to “take the baton”.