DC’s premiere move-management firm to expand services, broaden client base, transition to new name

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Gaithersburg, MD: The 13-year-old professional move-management company “formerly known as,” Transitional Assistance & Design, today made official what those in the Greater Washington, D.C. area made official more than a decade ago. The firm has changed its name from the longer, Transitional Assistance & Design to the shorter “TAD Relocation,” incorporating its acronym and adopting the nickname used by so many for so long, TAD. Susie Danick, founder and owner of the company said, “After more than a decade in business, we wanted to make our name easier to remember. We have taken the cue from our clients and communities; for years they have called us TAD. We just decided to roll with it.” TAD added “Relocation” to the company name to further define the firm’s growth. TAD will broaden its focus, expanding and enhancing its existing family and professional move-management business while continuing to serve the senior community. “Friends and business acquaintances began requesting our assistance with their relocation and settling-in needs, so this is a natural progression. We always listen to our clients’ feedback and have made it a priority to continually evolve the business to meet and exceed their current and future needs,” added Danick.

As part of TAD Relocation’s latest strategic move, the move-management company introduces new, expanded services and a new brand (including logo). “TAD Relocation is the same great company with a new look and name. We’re now offering even more services under one roof, creating enhanced results and greater value to our future clients,” said Danick, who founded the move-management firm that she operates with her husband/business partner, Joel Danick. In order to better service its clients, TAD Relocation is expanding its services to include TAD Transport, a sister company. With TAD Transport, the move-management firm will now provide light hauling, junk pick up and packing supplies. “Through TAD Transport, all boxes and moving supplies will be branded and provided by TAD, better serving the Mid-Atlantic with their downsizing, relocation and design needs,” said Danick. “We continue to ‘plan a better move’ and help people effectively ‘deal with their stuff’.”

The move-management firm designs “to-scale” floor plans for clients, figuring out ahead of time exactly what will fit into a new home, a most helpful tool for those who are moving from a larger residence into a smaller one (rightsizing). TAD Relocation will organize, arrange and oversee the entire move process. “Known as ‘The Wedding Planners’ of the moving business, TAD is a team of experts who specialize in coordinating moves, truly an ‘event’,” said Danick. “We work with our clients from the very beginning to guide them down a successful move-path, planning, sorting and organizing so that they are ‘move ready’ on moving day. This kind of planning and coordination makes their move experience a good one.” TAD Transport’s smooth-move and support-processes, developed over 13 years and approximately 4,000-moves, is designed to remove as much as possible the anxiety and physical stresses associated with moving.

A registered nurse, Susie Danick founded TAD Relocation in 2000 after her own personal experience moving a family member. Since then, TAD Relocation has been dedicated to planning better moves. TAD provides a free consultation and move readiness assessment tailored to each client’s move needs. Partnering with clients and their families, TAD Relocation offers an all-too-rare commitment to never leave a client alone with the burden of his/her move. “Whether our focus is for active adults and seniors or busy families and professionals, we anticipate all the needs of our clients, including the physical and emotional,” said Danick. “We specifically design spaces with a client’s needs in mind. We focus on a combination of function, aesthetics and safety.”

Working on behalf of their clients, TAD covers all angles of a move by, for example, collaborating with local realtors on “market ready” services, including home staging, de-cluttering and home improvements. Additionally, TAD handles the post-sale cleanout of the house brainstorming innovative ways to “relocate” valued items that a smaller home cannot accommodate. Consulting with clients and their families, items are delivered by TAD to their most appropriate locations, whether family members or auction houses, donated or disposed. “Combining the talents and resources of TAD Relocation and TAD Transport we will have an expert team that assists clients through all stages of relocation. We are committed to creating an experience that moves our clients comfortably, efficiently and safely,” said Danick. “TAD plans a better move and looks to create an experience that will move you.”

About TAD Relocation: Experts in “rightsizing,” moving and decorating services for aging adults, professionals and busy families, TAD Relocation, LLC is a premier move management company in the Washington, D.C. area. The company was founded in 2000 by Susie Danick a Registered Nurse with a background in art and design. The Gaithersburg, MD-based company is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). Ms. Danick is also a past president and former member of the association’s Board of Directors. “Check out their moves” at www.tadrelocation.com or www.helpseniorsmove.com. Taking an active role in the community, TAD Relocation partners with organizations such as Wish of a Lifetime, A Wider Circle, Life 4 Animals, Habitat for Humanity and many other organizations throughout the metro DC area.