Don’t Just Focus On Your Census

iStock_000008595711_MediumAs a senior living marketer, you have a primary goal to increase the community census without increasing the budget. Do you strategizing with your team how you will reach the aging adult and get them to move into your community efficiently while minimizing the stresses associated with moving? This can be done using the resources that you already have, but many marketers miss out on some great opportunities.

You have to go beyond paper. Having brochures and flyers that highlight the excitement and lifestyle within the community is a first step but creating an experience for potential residents takes it one step further. Those who are seeking a senior living community, visit the communities usually more than once before deciding which place feels like home to them. While visiting, they have an opportunity to hear about the great activities, but giving them a chance to experience the activities helps to draw them into the lifestyle that might appeal to them and make them want to call your community “home”.

One way to appeal to the perspective resident would be to provide a dining club or other type of membership so that they can participate in clubs, activities and or the dining experience a few times a month. Have you considered a resident ambassador that can buddy up with your potential residents and show them around the campus? Providing a buddy will give them an opportunity to have someone explain life within the community and make them feel more comfortable without the pressure of a sale. It’s important to immerse potential residents within the community so that they can experience the array of services and amenities that you have for them.

While you provide the support that your incoming residents need to feel comfortable in the community, we can provide the support they need in getting to the community. TAD Relocation can partner with you to give guidance to incoming residents and help them get moved with less stress and fear. If you’d like information on how we can work together to help you transition more aging adults to your community without just focusing on your census numbers, give us a call at 240.403.0177 or contact us online.