Earth Day and Moving


Moving and Earth Day – How are they related ?

Thinking of moving in the next year or two? How does that relate to Earth Day? Planning in advance – that’s how!

TAD Relocation has seen the effects of last minute “how are we going to move” situations. Often we are asked to help out 2 months and sometimes 2 weeks before a move. Most of our clients have lived in their homes for 30, 40, or 50+ years. That’s a long time for stuff to accumulate. Then in the span of weeks, a lot of that stuff has to be removed from the home. Because time is short, energy is waning and decision making difficult, a lot of stuff ends up in the land fill.

Plan a better move – by starting as soon as you *think* you may move or sooner. Engage the assistance of a move management professional who can help you develop the plan to figure out what you want to keep in your new home and how to “green removal” the items you won’t need. There are many options to reuse, repurpose, and recycle most items in your home. Check out the Recycled Art Foundation for some clever ideas. Happy Earth Day!