How Do I Get Rid of My Stuff?

how do i get rid of my stuff?Over the course of years, people accumulate rooms full of objects and things. When it comes time to move, all of those things have to find a new home. As Senior Move Managers, one of the questions we hear most often is, “How do I get rid of my stuff?” It can be difficult to determine where the new home for each object should be. Let’s take a look at the places your stuff will go – and some of the ways you can make the process easier, too.

1. With You

When you move, you’ll be taking many of your items with you. The items you bring along during the move will make your new space feel like home. As you determine what you’ll bring with you, it’s important to plan based on the space, so you’ll know what will fit and what won’t. TAD Relocation can help with floor plan design through assisted space planning, so that you’ll know exactly what you can take along.

2. To Family and Friends

Of course, you usually can’t take everything with you. That’s where the other dispersion options come in. Many people want to give a lot of their things to family or friends because of the sentimental value that some objects carry. The problem is, though, that your friends and family don’t always want all of your old stuff. Times and styles change, so that antique table that you don’t have room for in your new home might not be welcome in your grandkid’s homes, either. Again, preparation is key. Make sure your things are organized so you can find out what your friends and family want to take, and what they won’t be interested in.

3. Sale

The things that your family and friends don’t want may still have value – and you can take advantage of that value by selling them in the right places. You can sell through many channels, including online, through estate sales, or even at local antique shops.

Often, though, people have misconceptions about the value of their old things. The best way to know what your things are worth is to visit the places that might be selling similar items. Do your research by going to an estate sale or an auction. Check out that antique barn that you’ve driven by. You can get an idea of the value of the things you’ll be selling by researching what similar things sell for, and you’ll be better prepared for the process. Your old things might not always have the value you anticipated, but the more research you do beforehand, the better idea you’ll have of what to expect.

4. Donate

Many people view donation as an easy avenue for dispersion of their old things. If your old stuff isn’t valuable, at least you can give it to places like the Salvation Army or Goodwill, right? Well, yes – but that process isn’t always as easy as some people think. The Salvation Army won’t come to your door and pick up all of your old furniture. You’ll need to coordinate delivering your things to one of these places in order to donate. Again, TAD Relocation can help with this process. That way, you can make sure that your old things will be going to a good cause.

5. Trash

Throwing stuff away is often a last resort for people when they are parting with their old things. Of course, it’s also one of the easiest options, and it is helpful for disposing of the things that are no longer needed. We increasingly live in a disposable, mobile society, and sometimes there are simply things that people no longer have a use for. It’ll be necessary to coordinate the logistics for throwing things away to make sure that everything is properly disposed of.

So, there you have it: the five ways you can get rid of your stuff as you get ready to move. The common theme for making this process easier is being prepared beforehand. Educate yourself and don’t have false expectations, and the dispersion of your old things will run much more smoothly.

Even if you aren’t moving tomorrow or this year, it’s helpful to consider these things in advance. Want help figuring out exactly how to get rid of your things? Contact us online, or give us a call at 240.403.0177. At TAD Relocation, we have years of expertise as Senior Move Managers, and we’ll help you find the best home for all of your old things.