How to Listen to Your Residents


Senior communities are designed to make aging adults feel right at home. From the activities available to the beautiful layout of the rooms, everything is meant to make seniors feel as comfortable as possible. As a senior community, you’re probably pretty proud of the community you’ve created – and hopefully, you’re always looking for ways to make it even better. A great way to do that is to give your residents a voice in your community’s functioning. If you listen to feedback from your residents, you’ll be able to improve your community to satisfy your current residents and impress prospective clients more than ever before. Here are a few techniques you can implement to make that happen.

1. Suggestion Box

This is one of the simplest methods you can use to collect feedback from your residents. Place suggestion boxes around your community with easily accessible forms for residents to voice their concerns, complaints, or compliments. Keep pens or pencils easily accessible as well. This technique can help your residents feel more involved.

To make your suggestion box work even better, include a section on your forms for your response to residents’ comments. Make sure to regularly check your suggestion boxes and respond to the submissions. Then, you can post the forms on a public bulletin board so that residents can see how you’ve addressed their concerns.

2. Surveys

A suggestion box is a good start, but if you want to collect more quantifiable feedback, surveys are essential. Consider setting up a survey system on paper or online to be implemented at different intervals for client interactions. For instance, send a survey to residents after they have been at your community for 30 days, then another one after six months, and another one after a year. Ask what areas your clients feel you excel in, as well as what areas need improvement. This can help you determine how your onboarding process is working.

Internal surveys can provide great information, but external surveys can also be helpful to give an indication of why perspective clients didn’t choose your community. Consider sending a survey to clients who have visited, but haven’t chosen to become residents. If you listen to their feedback, you can improve your community so that more clients choose to stay.

3. Residence Services Councils

This is one of the best practices you can use to give your residents a voice in your community. Establish a council of residents who have real input into how your community functions. After all, they have insights into their own needs that nobody else ever could. With a residence service council, your residents will feel represented and secure in the knowledge that their feedback and opinions matter. Not only that, but it will almost certainly make your community function even better.

From simple suggestion boxes to residence services councils, there are a myriad of ways to receive input into your community from your residents. Make sure that you’re listening to what they have to say, so that you can make your senior community fit their needs as well as it possibly can.

Are you interested in collecting feedback to improve resident acquisition and retention, but unsure of where to start? Let TAD Relocation help. We’re experts in developing programs that allow you get to the best feedback and increase the number of clients who choose to stay. Contact us online, or call 240.403.0177 to find out how we can help you listen, learn, and improve.