I Should Have Done This A Long Time Ago

The one thing we hear most often from our clients at the end of move day is, “If I knew it would have been this easy to move, I would have moved 5 years ago!”

As a professional move manager, we understand the obstacles that a community can face trying to encourage perspective residents to move. Many times people will start looking at communities they are considering 5 or 10 years before they think they are ready to actually move giving them an opportunity to educate themselves and understand where and what type of community will provide the best services and fit for them as they think about a future transition. Marketing departments often have people on their wait list for many years before they finally decide to take the next step and actually move. We understand how hard it can be to make that transition for those considering a move so we would like to share some tips that might assist in encouraging these individuals to move a bit sooner!

Help them envision their future

When someone is leaving their home of 30, 40 or 50 years, it’s difficult to envision how life will be away from what they currently call home. Envisioning their future may be difficult because isolation and depression are common in the aging senior since many of their friends have passed or have moved aware from the community they have lived in for so many years. Additionally, today you find many family members living out of town only returning for an occasional visit to see their parents.

At TAD Relocation we have found by reaching out and visiting perspective residents in their home we are able to get a better feel for what their actual living conditions are and what situations might be causing them to delay their moves. Providing proper support and resources to assist them through the transition has proven to hasten the decision process. Many communities recently have started to do just this, offering a home visit incorporating this as part of their sales process. Many people who have been in their home for so many years do not know how to get started or just feel totally overwhelmed at the thought of dealing with all that “stuff”!

Meeting together with future residents in their home gives you an ability to assess what they have and make suggestions on what will fit in their new space. You can guide them toward an apartment size that might work best with their lifestyle. You can reassure them that they can bring the pieces that mean so much to them and that these pieces will actually fit in the new space they are considering.

During your home visit it is possible they may speak more freely about their family, friends, likes and dislikes while in the comfort of their own home. This will give you an opportunity to talk about the many activities and clubs you have to offer that they might be interested in. Consider inviting them to attend a class or seminar series you are offering to get them back into your community and help them to connect with new friends. Feeling a sense of community and being a regular part of your community will encourage them to want to make the move. With all of these opportunities they will start to think more about their future instead of focusing so much on the past. Help them to move ahead and look forward to starting their next chapter.

Let them know you have great amenities

Prospective residents need to learn about your amenities and experience them. If you have a dining room that has a live musician every Friday evening, tell them about it and let them experience it. A great way to get them more comfortable with the environment and meeting new people is to give them an invite. Maybe it’s a free ticket for them and a discounted one for a guest so they don’t feel completely out of place. If you have a golf outing and you know that some of your prospects love golf, invite them. Regardless of what you have going on at your community, you should invite prospective residents. Being able to experience the fun is far better than hearing about what they are missing. Who knows, your prospects may enjoy themselves so much that they just might move right on in which is what you want, right? Another point to communicate to prospective residents is that if they wait 5 years they might lose out on the opportunities to take advantage of all that there is to do. Again most of our clients have said, “If I knew it would be so easy to move” or “I knew how much fun it was going to be I would have moved 5 years earlier!”.

Emphasize that you’re bettering their health.

An active lifestyle is a better lifestyle. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that elderly people in the U.S. have a slower rate of memory decline when they have an active social life. Additionally, it was reported, in a study done by the Hebrew University Medical Center, that seniors who exercise for any amount of time live longer and have a lower risk of disability even if they don’t start exercising before age 70. This is why it is so important to help seniors envision their future and to let them experience a small portion of what they would experience if they were a resident of your community. Being a part of a community will allow them to find purpose while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

So now that you have some talking points to emphasize the benefits of moving to your senior community sooner, the only thing left is to get your prospective residents moved in. Don’t let them take on this adventure by themselves. Be sure to partner with a professional move manager like TAD Relocation to ease the moving process. We’ll be sure to get them moved quickly and help with every part of the process from planning the move to unpacking and decorating for them. By having your support and ours, we’re sure “I should have done this 5 years ago” will be a thing of the past and you’ll be hearing “I’m so happy I did this now” more often.