It’s Kind of Hot Outside…

The other morning I woke up in my bed to a cool and comfortable temperature. My ceiling fan was on full speed, which chilled my bedroom to a perfect (for me) 70 degrees. I went about my morning routine…I brushed my teeth and then took a nice cool shower. I got dressed in a nice summer outfit complete with pastel shorts and a freshly pressed Polo shirt. I was clean, smelling good, and looking even better…then I stepped outside!

I immediately broke out into a “sweat”, which would be better described as a cascading waterfall of perspiration…but I digress. It made me realize…it’s hot out! A damp shirt and extra deodorant were the least of my worries that day as I needed to make sure I was taking care of my body with these extreme weather conditions. Here are some of my tips for you to help keep you cool and keep you safe from the sun and heat this summer.

1) Hydrate: I know you all have probably heard this over and over again, but drink up. About 60 percent of the human body is made up of water…THAT IS THE MAJORITY PEOPLE! Always make sure you have some type of liquid on hand and try to stay away from the sugar drinks. Invest in some high quality teas to make your own ice tea. The floral and spice notes of these teas will excite your taste buds in ways you never thought possible…and you may just lose that spare tire around your waist from cutting out all of the extra sugar. Water is also essential for the proper absorption of certain vitamins (water soluble), so do your body a favor and re-discover H20.


2) Sunglasses: Your eyes…beautiful they may be, but sensitive those little buggers are. Just like your skin, your eyes need protection from the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays. Excess exposure to UV rays may lead to medical complications such as cataracts, sunburn of the eyes, and other growths. Not to mention…wearing sunglasses reduces the amount that one squints during the day, which in turn reduces the amount of facial wrinkles around the eyes.

3) Sunblock: Just wear it…you know the drill.

4) Monitor Your Outdoor Activity: Do you know the different levels of air quality? For seniors, dangerous air quality levels occur a lot sooner and more often than those levels that have a negative impact on younger age groups. Please refer to this great breakdown of the Air Quality Index (AQI) via you fantastic government. CLICK HERE to learn more about the AQI!

5) Be COOL with your fashion: I don’t have to tell you to not wear a sweater in this heat…do I? It is still worth taking a look at your current summer wardrobe and re-evaluating your choices. Modern technology has allowed for apparel manufacturers to create moisture-wicking fabrics to absorb sweat and keep you cool. Companies like Under Armour, which is primarily an athletic wear company, now produce a full lineup of casual-everyday clothing choices with the same materials/technologies that go into their high performance athletic gear. Their stuff looks good too 🙂

These are just a few of our own personal tips for you to try out this summer. Make sure to always consult your physician before engaging in anything that is designed to alter your physical self. Please feel free to share some of you own summer tips, recipes, and tricks to help us all be a little COOLER this year!