Let’s Find A Job…Where To Start?

Putting Some Extra Cash In Your Pocket May Be Just What You Need After This Holiday

The Holidays are creeping close and closer everyday and with great gifts and extravagant meals often means a dent to the wallet. It may be time to start thinking about putting some extra cash in your pocket with another job. Below are some ideas that we think top the charts: Enjoy!

1) Car Dealership Service/Shuttle Attendant: Most dealerships with a service department these days will provide pickup/delivery for their clients. Shuttle drivers use dealership provided vehicles to pickup and drop off clients.

2) Shopping Assistant: Many people these days are looking for able persons to help with daily living needs. These activities can range from shopping, dry cleaning, and other errands. Post flyers at daycare centers, hospitals, rehab facilities, and even grocery stores to spread the word.

3) Retail Work: There are many retail positions open, which can provide employees with not only a place to work but also a source of interaction. Some of the top companies to work for include CVS Pharmacy, Home Depot, Borders, and Walgreens.

4) Office Work: Office work can be the perfect solution for someone who is looking to supplement their income. Positions like office assistants and receptionists provide sufficient work while keeping stress and hours to a minimum. Check with local business to see what positions they may have available.

5) Home-Based Sales: Setting your own hours may be the best perk of running a home-based sales business. Manufacturers in the home goods, beauty supplies, and culinary industries are often looking for home-based sales representatives. Pay is strictly based on commission, which may be the perfect solution to just put a little bit more cash in the bank.