Meet Our Crew Members!


With TAD Relocation since: February 2011
Before that: Owned and ultimately sold my commercial telephone company after retiring as an executive with Verizon Communications. But my life “minor” was helping my loved ones as their advocate.  Since I was a young adult I’ve helped them downsize, move, prepare their homes for sale, managed through challenging medical issues, handled their finances, and held their hands during times of crisis.

Favorite part of rightsizing: The smiles and hugs from our delighted clients.
Best of all: Our clients can’t believe it can be done so beautifully and in a short period of time. Their new homes sparkle and often look like they have lived there for a month – and that is at the end of move-in day! The other “best” part is in the beginning when we give them hope; we assure our clients that the move will be managed smoothly using our processes we have refined over the years. When they know they can lean on us, our clients tell us a huge weight has been lifted!

Debbie M.

With TAD Relocation since:  March 2011
Before that:  I did design work at Builder’s Design and Leasing, in their residential department. More currently, I was in sales, and arranged displays at a local gift shop.
Favorite part of rightsizing:  My favorite part of being a TAD crew member are the challenges we all face–because each job is unique, and so are the wonderful clients! I “love” to see the expression on their faces, when we are finished, and they walk in the door.  The smiles are “priceless”!!
Best of all:  I feel the “best ” part of what I do is, making seniors lives more livable, manageable, comfortable, enjoyable an of course happier. It has been the most rewarding position I have ever had, and I am so grateful for being a part of this fabulous team!


With TAD Relocation since: December 2001
Before that: Directing and Managing Production Control and Planning in a manufacturing environment.
Favorite part of rightsizing: One of my favorite parts is after the work is completed. The job is professionally done with talent and ends with the client being impressed, “touched” and “becalmed” with the work our team did. The client is grateful for our excellent service.
Best of all: We must recognize that for anyone, the moving experience is often accompanied by feelings of excitement, guilt and anxiety. The client may become overwhelmed. So I like our purpose, the fact that we professionally plan, organize and downsize, and take care of the details to relieve our clients worries while performing the packing, move and set-up of their new space and environment.


With TAD Relocation since: December 2009
Before that: During the years that I raised our 8 children I did an assortment of things including working part time for my husband’s remodeling company, bred and sold puppies, had a licensed child day care program, and trained and became a certified instructor with the National Institute of Learning Disabilities. Currently, I design a unique handcrafted line of greeting cards that are sold in two local stores.
Favorite part of rightsizing: Setting up and organizing the rooms (especially the kitchen) to function in the best way possible to assist our clients. And actually being able to “see” something completed at the end of the day is a plus.
Best of all: I enjoy doing this type of work because I feel like an artist again. We start with an empty space. The rooms are like a blank canvas just waiting to be turned into a beautiful painting. The challenge begins- to make this empty space a home for our clients, not just any home, but theirs, with all their belongings, with the things that memories are made of, that they hold dear. At the end of the day the “painting” is
finished, the client comes in for the unveiling , smiles, laughs or cries with appreciation. And this is like the “signature” on this finished piece of art work that makes me smile and want to do it all over again for someone else the next day.

Sue L.

With TAD Relocation since: September 2009
Before that: I have a B.S. degree in elementary/early childhood and taught, but stopped to be a stay-at-home Mom!
Favorite part of rightsizing: To get rid of the trash/boxes….. and realizing that everything will fit.
Best of all: The end result is the BEST especially to see the expressions on the owners faces…it is such a rewarding experience!


With TAD Relocation since: June 2009
Before that: Flying the skies as a Flight Attendant for US Airways for 15 years.
Favorite part of rightsizing: Seeing the faces of the clients looking so “light”, relieved and happy that we accomplished fitting the right furnishings, artwork, precious memorabilia and their favorite pieces into their new home without losing the familiarity of where they came from.
Best of all: working with people and making them happy. By far this has been the most rewarding job I think I have ever had because at the end of the day you get to see a tangible result with the outcome that brings many smiles and often tears of joy with a whole lot of appreciation. With all that being said, I believe every TAD Relocation Crew Member exudes an unbelievable “servant mentality” that shows in every transition we make. It’s a wonderful team!

Debbie T.

With TAD Relocation since: July 2012
Before that: I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 20 years and I work part-time for our family-owned business, Oval Office Supply.
Favorite part of rightsizing:  I really enjoy the people who we help relocate and I really like everyone that I’m working with.
Best of all:  I am a very organized person, so the fact that I can organize and decorate someone’s home other than my own is a lot of fun for me.