Motivating Census Through the Move Readiness Assessment

As a senior community, we know that you have occupancy at the forefront of your mind, as you are constantly marketing to the aging adult moving into a more appropriate and enjoyable place. At times it can be difficult to motivate those who you are working with to move as quickly as you would like for various reasons. Change, fear of the unknown and the stress of moving all are real concerns for those that are considering transitioning to your community.

What are some of the best possible ways to motivate potential residents and assist them past these hurdles so they can begin moving forward to their new life in your community? A professional move manager can help get people eager to move and ready to move. Move managers provide the support and expertise to guide incoming residents, getting them moved more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively while maintaining their health and minimizing the stress associated with the move.  Has your community partnered with a professional move manager like TAD Relocation?

TAD Relocation provides a “Move Readiness Assessment” during our first meeting with your incoming resident. We will determine what each individuals needs are as they are beginning the transition process. The Move Readiness Assessment is a great tool for your marketing department as each individuals needs are different. TAD will focus on developing a custom plan geared toward your individual client to help them make their move!

During a move-readiness assessment several areas are discussed.

  • What needs to be done.
  • Their ability to get things done.
  • What to take and not to take.
  • Physical restrictions.

Considering these things allows the staff at TAD Relocation to analyze how much the person moving will be able to participate during the process and what support they will need.  This thorough analysis leads to developing a detailed plan based on their individual needs. Additionally, with our professional space planning tools a visual perspective of how things will look in their new home is available to add comfort and continued reassurance of what will fit in their new space.

By being involved in the process, taking the time to thoroughly understand the situation and providing continual reassurance, TAD Relocation helps your potential resident to move forward knowing they are not alone and there are solutions and resources available for them as they prepare for their move.

Here at TAD we understand all that goes into moving and the importance of getting new residents moved in quickly and comfortably.  Therefore, at the end of the move-readiness assessment, we will communicate our findings to you so that you can better understand the needs of your new incoming resident and the best resources to assure the ease of their transition.

Consider TAD Relocation as your partner and tool to assist those visiting and considering your community. With our move readiness assessment they will know the steps needed to help them become new residents of your community. We can work together in making sure that your new residents are move-ready.