Pickleball: Get Your Sport On Seniors

Are you in an exercise pickle? Are you looking to have a little more fun in 2012? You are looking for a new activity to increase your health and have more fun? Well, do we have the perfect solution for you! Stop stuffing your face with kosher half-sours and pick up a different type of “pickle” instead…

Pickleball: No, you don’t need to go get your glasses checked (well, maybe you do)!! It does in fact say pickleball. Pickleball is the ingenious combination of tennis, badmintion, and table tennis. What do you play on? A court much like that of tennis court, but smaller. What do you swing with? An oversized table-tennis-like paddle. What type of ball do you use? A special whiffle-ball…not a pickle. So, after you stuff your face with pickles from your local deli, go work up a sweat at your local pickleball court(Arlington, VA has some dedicated outdoor courts)! Click on the links below for more information:


CLICK HERE to visit the USAPA’s “What Is Pickleball?”