Rightsizing: It’s The Thing To Do

How many different ways can your rightsize your life?

What is rightsizing? This was the common response when one would come across this word, which has now evolved into a thriving industry. At it’s core, rightsizing combines elements of organizing, cleaning, moving, and decorating into one extremely useful process. Rightsizing for seniors began due to the need to refurnish one’s environment as their age progressed and their needs therefore changed. Moving to smaller apartments, assisted living centers, retirement, making a current home more efficient, or just trying to organize one’s life are all reasons that demand for seniors to rightsize. The general public has become increasingly aware of this concept through great press like this article from USA Today! The more press the topic of rightsizing get the more the general public realizes that this concept will benefit more than just seniors. Below are a few tips that anyone can use to de-clutter, reorganize, and rightsize your lives!

1) Get Rid of That Huge Gas Guzzler: Let’s be honest…the 6.7 liter V8 Super Duty Truck was cool for a day, but that $100.00 pump fee is nothing short of painful. You don’t have to sacrifice space and utility for great gas mileage anymore. Car manufacturers are pushing every year to increase fuel efficiency, increase functionality, while also maintaining impressive performance standards. For example, the 2012 Ford F-150 V6 model has the best rated perfomance in it’s class (according to Motor Trend) while still getting about 23mpg on the highway! Sounds a lot better than that 8mpg you’re currently getting huh?

2) Clean Out That Closet of Yours: I do not want to hear that you don’t have anything to wear! There is no need for you to have 50 pairs of shoes, 20 t-shirts from 30 years ago, 5 coats you no longer wear, and a giant bin of apparel that you haven’t open since you got married. Prioritize your wardrobe by things you wear the most according to the seasons. It may be hard, but throw those things LOWER on the priority list into your car and take them to your nearest donation center. Trust me, those people need your extra pairs of pants more than you do. Also, throw out those stained, torn, and beat-up shirts that are your so called “favorites”. Make room in your space to invigorate your wardrobe with some fresh-new replacements…it’s okay…life will go on without that pair of sweatpants from 1980.

3) Update Your Library: I know how hard it is to get rid of an extremely good read. You think, “Wow, that was great. I will most definitely read this again”. You are most likely wrong in this case. This book will join an army of others that are experts at collecting dust and taking up space. Donate your previously read books to schools, community centers, and other charity groups that will benefit much more from their possession than your overly-packed bookshelf will. If you really have the urge to read the book again then you can treat yourself to a new edition at that time. Also, try replacing any hard books with an electronic version via a device like a Kindle. Stay on the tech train and stay organized with these fantastic electronic devices.

4) Clean Out Your Pantry and Fridge: We are all about being frugal here at TAD, but that can of sliced beets from 1960 has most likely seen better days. Grocery stores are in abundance these days, and they even offer home delivery, so stocking up for the next nuclear fallout (jokingly of course) can happen at a later date. Check expiration dates on EVERYTHING….even processed and packaged foods. Simplify you kitchen by organizing foods and storing them properly. Place dry goods in plastic-sealed containers to preserve foods longer. Food safety is also a priority here, so I wouldn’t risk trying that last yogurt that has been sitting in your fridge since last September…just a thought.

5) The Garage…It’s Not a Storage Unit: Ladies and Gentlemen…some fine architect designed your house with a garage in order for you to have a cozy place to keep your car safe, snow-free, and burglar resistent. Although the giant pile of random “goodies” in your garage is making a great home for Mr. and Mrs. Spider…I am positive you would like to evict these tenants and return your vehicle to it’s home. There are many businesses now that specifically focus on cleaning, organizing, and re-designing garages. If you would rather not pay for somebody to do much of this work for you then you can take on some yourself. Donate, trash, and/or recycle items that do not NEED to be in your possession anymore. Strategically placed shelving as well as plastic bins can help organize garage staples like tools, sporting goods, and other random household items. Less clutter = a home for your car!

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