RSS: Relocation Stress Syndrome

RSS…the acronym with many meanings. Rich Site Syndication…this is just a fancy way of subscribing to your favorite website or blog to automatically receive email updates, which we have by the way! That is not our focus today…instead we will be looking at the complexities of what is known as Relocation Stress Syndrome:

Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) is technically defined as “the physiologic and psychosocial disturbances that result from transfer from one environment to another”. RSS has been described as having a similar intensity to that of divorce or death in the family.

How can you tell?

The most common symptoms of RSS include depression, anger, dependency, confusion, and anxiety. Changes in eating and sleeping habits can also be physical signs of RSS.

How can you help?

This is where your senior move manager can be most effective. RSS is best treated by taking preventative measures. Let the pro’s (TAD..hint hint) do what they do best:

1) Involve the senior in the decision making process (where appropriate) from the beginning.

2) Let the senior take an interactive role (where appropriate) in setting up the new living area.

3) Make the new space look/resemble their previous living arrangement…let TAD showcase their superb design skills.

4) Provide support through the transition to help the senior become acclimated, especially within the first few weeks/months.

5) ALWAYS create an open venue for communication. Ensure that the senior is able to ask questions and voice concerns at all times.

Moving and transitioning can be difficult for anyone at any age, which is only often more difficult as we get older. Let move managers like Transitional Assistance and Design remove the stress from your move and turn it into an enjoyable experience for everyone!