Serenades By Sonata: Pioneering New Memory Care Techniques

The Award-Winning Serenades by Sonata in Longwood, Florida is redefining the game when it comes to care for Alzheimer’s and dementia related patients.

At the core of the program is person-directed care, which personalizes care to create stronger bonds and fortify strengths. Routines, schedules, and care are all personalized to meet each individual’s needs. Another essential component to the program at Serenades is their emphasis to get/keep the family involved. The staff at Serenades starts with an interview process to discover each resident’s preferences, interests, history, and the like. Throughout their stay at Serenades by Sonata the family of residents will be engaged in all aspects of care. Combine this amazing care with state of the art facilities and you can’t go wrong. It is no wonder this pioneering institution was the recipient of the ALFA’s “Best of the Best Programs To Watch” award.

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