Stay Sharp: Avoid Memory Loss With These Tips

You can help minimize memory loss by engaging in a select number of activities per day!

Memory loss is something we all have experience at one time or another. Although it may seem like this is inevitable part of aging, there are ways to help keep your mind as sharp as it can be. We have collected a variety of tips and tricks to help sharpen your knife:

1) Engage Your Mind: Keeping your mind active is an essential piece to fortifying your brain power. Just like your body needs physical exercise your mind needs mental activity. Try implementing mental challenges all throughout different parts of your day such as taking new routes while driving/walking, doing puzzles, learn to play an instrument or read a new book. The main point is to keep your brain engaged by exposing yourself to new frontiers.

2) Stay Organized: Reducing clutter is a very effective way to stay on top of your mental game. Lists and journals are great tools to keep your daily tasks and events in order. If you do happen to forget something these lists will provide you with a great reference. Also, make sure to organize household items in designated areas, which are clearly labeled.

3) Something Fishy: Eat fish at least once a week to support healthy brain function. It has been shown that people who eat fish at least once a week are at a 60% lower chance to developing Alzheimer’s disease. DHA is takes the lead role in this play (also known as Omega-3 fatty acid), which is found in large quantities in the brain. Some say that eating fish at this rate is like virtually turning back the clock a few years for your brain.

4) Napping Is Not Just For Toddlers Anymore: Napping has been shown to increase memory in word recall test in multiple studies. Even short naps, about six minutes, have proven to be effective in memory tests.

5) Have A Good Laugh: Laughing has been scientifically proven to have positive effects on brain function. One of the chemicals released when laughing is adrenaline. Adrenaline is often associated with the very intense experiences, but in this case is released in the perfect amount to keep your mind sharp.

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