Staying Safe This Winter Season

Winter Can Be A Dangerous Time For All…Especially Senior Citizens

Winter can be a very dangerous time due to many hazards that come along with the inclement weather. Some precautions are quite obvious, but others are not and they could make all of the difference. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite safety tips, but feel free to comment with any of your own!

1) Driving: Before using your vehicle in the snow be sure that it is prepared to handle the weather ahead. Make sure your tire pressure and tread are at appropriate levels. Also, be sure to check/replace your wiper blades, have your brakes checked, and your washer-fluid topped off. Plan out routes ahead of time in order to obtain current road conditions and possible closures. Also, make sure to have a fully charged cell phone and emergency preparedness kit (with a blanket) just in case.

2) Heating: With the cold weather moving in the need for extra warmth grows stronger. Make sure to keep objects at least three feet away from any space heater and look for brands that have an automatic shutoff option. Make sure all of your smoke detectors are functioning properly and that you have a working fire extinguisher, which you know how to use.

3) Preparing Your Home: It is always better to be over-prepared then under-prepared when it comes to the winter season. Make sure your home is fortified with everything you may need in case of a winter storm occurrence. Stock up extra medications, canned foods, warm blankets, flashlights w/extra batteries, and self-powered radio for power outages.

4) Snow and Shoveling: If you do plan on shoveling snow this winter season then you must follow a few essential tips to help ensure your safety. Make sure to dress warmly and take breaks inside to avoid hypothermia. Stretch/warm-up your muscles before engaging in any type of shoveling, which may be vigorous or not. Take frequent breaks and stop activity immediately if you feel faint or dizzy. Make sure boots/shoes have appropriate tread and outfit any walkers/canes with appropriate grips.

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We wish you all a very safe and happy winter season this year! Please comment with any other helpful tips you may have.