Tax Season: Let’s Make It Fun?

Okay, we are not here to give you boring old tax advice…as useful as that can be. Let the professionals do your taxes…let us tell you something fun about them.

1) The first income tax can be traced by to England in 1404.

2) 21% of paper returns have errors, 0.5% of e-file returns have errors…what’s the moral of the story here?

3) By 1990 everybody in the US could file their taxes electronically.

4) There are at least 480 tax forms. The “easiest” of which has 33 pages all in fine print 🙂

5) Taxes consume approximately 38% of a family’s income, which is often more than food, clothing, and shelter…COMBINED!

6) In 1952 Joseph Nuna was arrested for tax evasion. Funny why? He was the commissioner of the IRS at the time.

7) There are a lot of cops in this country right? Try twice as many tax preparation “specialists”.

8) So, you think you are efficient huh? Try the IRS…for every $100 collected, it costs them only thirty-nine cents.

9) Who said snail mail was dead? Not the IRS! Every year the IRS mails eight billion pages in instructions and forms.

10) New York City has the highest corporate income tax in the world, which is even higher than Japan, China, France, Germany, and Greece. Sorry NYC…better save up!