Technology Tuesday: Apps Designed For Seniors

Bridging the technology gap between senior citizens and new innovations is a project that is without a doubt of the minds of developers. Specific applications have been design to truly help seniors with activities in their daily lives via their iPhone, SmartPhone, iPad, tablet, and other mobile devices. Below we list what we think are some of the best and why. Click on any of the application names to learn more!

1) Micromedex: Micromedex is one of the most trusted names when it comes to drug-referencing. From Thomson and Reueters, their spectrum of mobile applications provide valuable information about commonly used drugs and drug interactions on the go. The user interfaces are easy to see with large print, and very easy to navigate.

2) PhotoPairsFree: It is no mystery that practice is essential to success in almost anything. The same goes for keeping your memory sharp, which is why the good people over at Weily Apps have created PhotoPairsFree. This mobile application combines classic memory games with black and white photos to eliminate the advantage of using color-dependent recall. Keep your mind sharp and have a little fun while doing it. Did I mention that it is FREE?

3) Elder411 and Elder911: Elder411 and Elder911 help loved ones care for their elderly parents. Elder411 is a collection of over 500 pieces of expert advice provided by the acclaimed Dr. Marion. This advice is organized into 11 eldercare, which may navigating this app very easy. The app will also allows for the user to download a FREE PDF version of Dr. Marion Somer’s book, “Elder Care Made Easier”, with product registration. Elder911 is a sister application that provides expert advice for what to do in case of an emergency. Do you know who to call? What questions to ask the doctor? How to combat transfer trauma? What to do after hospital discharge? Find out all of this and more for FREE within Elder911 from Presto Services.

4) AARP Mobile APP: One of the most recognizable names in senior citizen news has gone mobile! The AARP mobile app allows users to access the latest articles, video clips, access your membership information and more all from your mobile device. Stay in the loop with this FREE app from AARP and don’t forget to check out AARP The Magazine either!

5) Eye Reader: No more being stuck in a dark restaurant unable to read your bill! The Eye Reader mobile app is designed to help aid reading menus, prescription bottles, etc. LED lights from the iPhone and zoom functions allow for easier reading in a variety of difficult environments. They have also integrated a “take picture” function to save any image that you may need for future reference. This app is a steal for only $1.99!