Technology Tuesday: QR Codes

What The Heck Is A QR Code?

This boxy-squared-blurred-checkered-weird looking thingamabob is what is known as a quick response code aka QR for short. These 2-dimensional codes represent certain types of data ranging from nutritional information, locations, events, recipes, ingredients, and more. These codes are beginning to appear on products and locations all throughout the United States. To read a QR code one must first. download a QR code reader (some are free) to their smart phone. Then, open the QR reader and point it at the desired QR code. The reader will snap a picture of the code, which will then be processed to display the desired data on your screen.

QR codes can serve as a very effective aid for aging seniors. Those with special diet needs can easily check ingredients and nutrition information to monitor intake. QR codes can also be used to remember your favorite products at a certain store or confirm medications before using. These codes are becoming more popular every day and can often be seen in wayfinding situations, making directions that much easier.