Technology Tuesday: Top Gifts For 2011

Top Five Technology Gifts For The 2011 Holiday Season

A special edition of technology Tuesday is here for the holiday season. With so many choices for gifts this year it may seem like a daunting task to know where to begin. Although technology may seem intimidating at times, most of it is designed to help simplify everyday life. Here are some recommendations for you and your family this year:

1) Does it surprise you that an Apple product is first on the list? The iPad 2 has been out for a few months now and it has certainly lived up to the hype. The iPad 2 provides the perfect all in one gift solution, which provides users with the perfect web browser, camera, electronic photo album, electronic book, and much more. Combine this great product with Apple’s available 1 on 1 Genius help sessions via any Apple store and you can’t go wrong.

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2) Cell phones have been for quite some time now have been transforming more and more into complex processing machines. Let’s be honest…some of us just want to make a phone call! The Samsung Jitterbug can be considered one of the best cell phones for seniors. The Jitterbug comes with a large-font screen, high-resolution screen, large dial buttons, and some unexpected features like Bluetooth if needed. The Jitterbug provides users with a very friendly interface without sacrificing too much technology.

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3) We all love to watch television, but that pesky remote seems always hard to find and ever more difficult to use. The perfect solution…a big button remote. Sony has come out with a very practical 2-Device universal remote. This device provides users with a simplified design and very easy to view button arrangement, and also allows users to connect two devices to the remote control.

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4) Video games may seem like the perfect gift for your younger loved ones, but let’s not forget about the Nintendo Wii. This particular system involves a wireless controller, which is used in a variety of games including sports, adventure, dancing, and more. Many senior communities have already implemented these amazing machines as part of their programs. The games are easy to use but also allow for more advanced players to find challenges. Many of the sport and dance related games provide a surprising cardio-workout. Step up the exercise factor with Wii Fit, a game specifically designed to help users get back into shape.

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5) We love to read, but all of those books are taking up too much space. The solution? Try out Barnes and Noble’s Nook Simple Touch Reader with Wi-Fi. This e-book has recently propelled itself into the tech market and has made a great statement. This e-book is simplified compared to others, but still comes with exciting features such as direct connect to Barnes and Noble Wi-Fi and some social networking features. This e-book is most appealing because it is ad-free, so you won’t be bothered by pesky advertisements while reading. Not to mention the extraordinary battery life of almost two months!

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