Technology Tuesdays Week 1: Caregiving Robots

Toyota Motor Corporation To Release Caregiving Robots in 2013:

On November 1st 2011 Toyota Motor Corporation displayed their new nursing and healthcare robots at a special event in Tokyo. These new robots are part of a Partner Robot Series, which is being created to help people with their daily activities.

The main features of these robots can be broken down into four main categories:

1) Independent Walk Assist: Will help the knee bend to assist in walking for those who have paralysis and/or other impairments (mounted to the legs).

2) Walk Training Assist: Using Independent Walk Assist Technology this robot will help in the development of natural walking even from the early stages.

3) Balance Training Assist: Game elements and two-wheeled self-balancing technology combine to assist those with impaired balance through a variety of enjoyable activities.

4) Patient Transfer Assist: Weight-supporting arms and a mobile platform are designed to assist caregivers and patients when moving a patient from one location to another.


TMC is currently working with many nursing and medical facilities to gain feedback on the effectiveness of these robots. TMC plans to have these products available sometime in 2013.

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