The New Year Can Mean A New You: New Year’s Resolution Tips

The first of the year is almost upon us, which means it is time to dust off the workout equipment and finally get organized for the first time in months. The first of the year is a great time to start new goals, but how can you maintain these until the end of next year? Below are some ideas to help you with your New Year’s resolutions and how you can keep them going until 2013!

1) Time To Get Fit: Fitting in exercise seems to always make the top of everyones lists. Exercise is an amazing tool when done regularly and correctly. Studies show that regular exercise can reduce stress, reduce the risk of some cancers, increases longevity, lowers blood pressure, enhances mood, improves arthritis, and strengthens your heart. Make sure to set realistic and attainable goals when starting a fitness routine. Unrealistic goals may end up causing you to cease your fitness regimen just as soon as you started. If you can, work with a personal trainer to help with motivation and structure. Also, vary your activities day to day to prevent boredom. Exercising with a friend can also keep you competitive and accountable for one another. Make sure to visit your doctor before you start any fitness routine to ensure that you are healthy enough for exercise.

2) Enjoy Life: It is too easy to let stress hijack your life these days. Finding time to enjoy the little things can be a challenging task. Make these activities a priority in your life and begin to enjoy the lighter side of living. Set time apart in your schedule just like you would any other appointment for self-care activities. Go find a new hobby, schedule a massage, or sign up for a yoga class. Doing these activities with friends can also keep you social and accountable.

3) Learn A Little Something: It is never too late to enrich your mind. Take the new year to learn something new. Classes are offered all throughout the community and can range from quite simple to the truly intellectually challenging. Classes are offered through many different universities as part of lifelong learning programs. You can also research local community centers, schools, libraries, and businesses for more opportunities.

4) Help Others This Year: Volunteering your time will not only help you feel more complete in 2012, but it will also benefit so many others. Volunteer opportunities come in many shapes and sizes. Look for something that will become an integral part of your schedule and not an impediment. Give back and connect with others in ways you didn’t even know possible this year.

5) Eat Healthier: It is no mystery that eating healthier can help you lose weight, retain muscle, improve brain function, and will possibly help you live longer. This is also one of the most commonly broken resolutions. When trying to effectively implement a new diet small steps are key. Try to implement new habits in manageable steps in order to help you stay on track. These steps could include drinking 2 more glasses of water a day, replacing one snack with healthy fruits/vegetables, or drink one less sugary drink daily. These small steps will begin to add up and won’t be too overwhelming at first.

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