Time To Get Outside: What To Do?

The warm weather is here…and we love it. It is time to shake the spider-webs off of your shorts and sandals and get outside. Just in case you forgot all of the things you could out there, we made you a nice list. Enjoy!

1) Have a Picnic: Grab that basket and some of your favorite munchies and head out somewhere new this year. Hike up a trail, ride a bike, take a walk to a new spot and enjoy some rays, good food, and good company. Try packing your picnic basket with some exciting food choices like fancy cheeses, ceviches, summer salads, and more. Check out some great picnic recipes HERE!

2) Start a New Hobby: Find that something that you always wanted to do and JUST DO IT! How about you restore a classic car, plant a new garden, take up landscaping, fishing, or anything else outside. You may be able to find an idea or two in HERE

3) Pick Up a Sport: Exercise is good for you and meeting a few new people couldn’t hurt either. The warm weather opens up a TON of new options to get outside and get active. Try joining a softball team, tennis club, golf club, or even a pickleball league (click to see our preivous article on this sport). There are many associations and organizations that are designed to help seniors get outside and get sporting…linke the Florida Senior Sports Association.

4) Volunteer: Giving back always feels good, so let’s take it outside! There are LOADS of different opportunities to volunteer outside. Organizations like the VOC are looking for people to rebuild trails, maintain parks, and even restore historic structures. Habitat for Humanity has been around for quite some time now and is the perfect opportunity to get outside and help a family who desperately needs a new home.

5) Relax: It sounds too simple right? Most of us don’t even know what this word really means. Take some time to truly check out and rest your body and mind. Go find a new and unique place that only you know about…a random lake, a private beach, a scenic overlook. Try to lay outside (without falling asleep) and focus on your breathing. You will be surprised at hoe difficult it is to prevent your mind from wandering. Try to reinforce this type of self care with some outdoor yoga or Tai Chi in your local park.