Tips For Cooking Healthier This Holiday Season

A Clean Bill Of Health For Your Recipes This Holiday Season This Year

The Holidays are usually anything but an ideal picture of health. Thanksgiving has come and gone as well as the mounds of mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, roasts, and casseroles. Butter, fats, sugar, and cholesterol permeate much of our holiday favorites, which can be troublesome for some folk watching their intake. Portion control is certainly a viable option for some as anything in moderation is usually okay. What do you do when watching how much you eat isn’t an option? Below is a collection of tips to make your heart and your body happy this holiday season!

1) Savor delicious roasted turkey without the skin and save 11g of saturated fat per every 3oz serving.

2) Substitue skim milk, garlic, parmesan cheese, and chicken broth for whole milk and butter.

3) Choose appetizers that will add more nutrients to the meal. Try incorporating snacks like whole-wheat pita chips with hummus or wheat rounds with roasted red pepper spread.

4) Instead of using gravy on your meat or poultry try using a fruit compote or chutney instead to add that extra flavor and zip!

5) Roast meat and poultry on a rack to allow excess fat to drip onto a pan. If you cook your protein properly they will still be succulent and juicy.

6) Sweet potatoes are a nutritional paradise, which are loaded with beta-carotene. Try roasted sweet potatoes topped with cinnamon or mashed with skim milk, orange juice, vanilla extract, and ginger.

7) Applesauce can act as a great alternative for oil in many recipes. Also, try replacing whole eggs with an egg substitute to reduce cholesterol and fat.

8) Use a non-fat vanilla yogurt on top of that apple pie to reduce fat and add digestive friendly bacteria.

9) Nuts are a heart healthy snack choice, so bust out those roasted almonds. Try choosing varieties lower in sugar and sodium, but all will contain very heart friendly fats.

10) Remember to get some exercise during the holiday season. Try exercising a few hours before the big meal, which will spike your metabolism.

The holiday season is a time for cheer and indulgence. Just remember to keep your health and nutrition in sight this year. Have realistic goals and remember that one piece of pie will not make you gain a pound and that eating the dark meat IN MODERATION won’t spike your cholesterol. Focus on activities that do not revolve around food and have a spectacular holiday season!

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