Top 5 Home Improvement Resolutions for Seniors in 2016

Senior man decorating house

It’s a new year, and that means that it’s the perfect time to start looking ahead. For seniors, looking ahead can mean beginning to plan for the transition of moving out of their current home. Often, there are a few home improvement projects that can greatly improve the value of a home and go a long way towards making the selling and moving process easier. And even if the move is a few years away, you’ll be able to enjoy your improved home for the rest of your time in it.

Here are a few home improvement resolutions to make this year. Some of them relate to the contents of your home and some relate to its physical improvement, but all of them will be helpful in ensuring that when the time comes to move, you and your house will be ready.

1. Clean out the cluttered closet or basement
For many homeowners, there is a closet or room that becomes the go-to storage destination for any extraneous items. Don’t know what to do with those boxes of old Christmas decorations? Throw them in the closet. The same goes for that collection of knick-knacks given by a relative, or those suitcases stuffed with children’s clothes that everyone has long since outgrown.

Over time, the closet becomes an intimidating pile of clutter that stands in the way of transitioning out of the house. Remember, though: every journey begins with a single step, and for seniors looking to move, clearing away the clutter might be just that. Make clearing the closet a project and get family involved to make the work easier. Who knows? You might just uncover something worthwhile in the midst of the mess.

2. Get your kids to claim their stuff
This issue might be tied to the cluttered closet. Sometimes seniors find themselves in possession of many items that belong to their kids. They don’t necessarily use or want these things, but they’re apprehensive of downsizing and getting rid of them.

Try setting a deadline for your kids to come pick up their stuff. Let them know that after the deadline you’ll be disposing of any items that are left, and consider looking into the resale value of items that your kids may no longer want. Getting rid of the clutter of the extra things will allow eventual potential buyers to visualize the space for themselves.

3. Make sure the kitchens and bathrooms are up to date
Even if you feel that the contents of your house are under control, it’s still important to look into improvements that can increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially important because out-of-date appliances, hardware, and finishes can diminish the value of a home.

If you’ve been putting off renovating your kitchen, consider looking into it this year. Even if you’re not going to sell immediately, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the renovated rooms for the next few years, and when the time comes to sell your house, you’ll be proud to show off the updates – and you’ll get more value for your home.

4. Fix the floors
Floors are often a trouble spot in older homes, as tile or even hardwood begin to degrade over years of use. Worn, dirty carpets can also look unseemly and devalue a home. You may have a few rooms that you’ve been thinking about re-carpeting or re-flooring. Make this the year to finish those projects. You’ll be able to spend a few years enjoying the new floors, and when the time comes to sell, potential buyers will take notice.

5. Create curb appeal
Curb appeal is an important selling point. From the appearance of the paint job to the aesthetics of the lawn, potential buyers will form their first impressions as they look at the exterior of your house. Those home repair or landscaping projects you’ve been putting off for the past few years just might be the key to increasing the value of your home. Don’t put them off any longer. This is the year to create curb appeal, so that when the time comes to sell, your home will be looking its best.

So, there you have it: our top five home improvement resolutions for 2016. If you have multiple projects you’ve been putting off, don’t be intimidated. Consider making a list and start knocking them out one by one. And get help! Whether you get assistance from friends, family, or service providers, getting many hands involved can make the work lighter.

Do you want to make home improvements in 2016, but feel unsure of where to start? Get in touch with us at TAD Relocation, either online or at 240.403.0177. As senior move managers, we have years of experience in coordinating every aspect of the moving process. We can provide recommendations and assistance even if the move is a few years away.