Top Senior-Friendly Products for Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to find gifts for the aging adults in your life. These days, there are an abundance of senior-friendly products available that are meant to make seniors’ lives easier and more fun. We’ve taken a look across several product categories and found a few great items to get you started.

GreatCall Wireless and Medical Alert SystemSamsung-Great-Call-Touch-3-Main
GreatCall is known for their Jitterbug phone, which is designed to be user-friendly for seniors. Now, they’ve introduced a touch-screen smartphone, complete with senior-focused apps that can assist in everything from medication management to Urgent Care.

Metria Wearable Sensor

The Metria Wearable Sensor is a small, discreet device that allows medical providers to monitor the health of the wearer. Using comfortable adhesive technology, it sticks to the body to provide health data like heart rate, blood pressure, and amount of sleep. The device comes with a mobile app that gives patients and caregivers access to the data, so that health and wellness can be properly attended to.

Flipper Remote

Most television remote controls today seem to come with an intimidating wall of buttons jammed as closely together as possible. When you can’t find the right one, you’ll probably want to throw the whole thing against a wall. Luckily, there’s the Flipper Remote. With a tapered design for easy handling and only six large buttons exposed, the remote makes controlling the television simple and easy for seniors – and everyone else, for that matter.

Amertac Touch Lamp Adapters

For some aging adults with problems in their hands, it can be difficult and uncomfortable to maneuver the switches on lamps. That’s why touch lamps are a great senior product. With Amertac adapters, any lamp with a metal socket can be converted into a touch control lamp. That means that seniors can keep their favorite decorative lamps without keeping the inconvenience of difficult control switches.

Mighty Bright Book Light

Reading can strain the eyes, but the Mighty Bright Book Light makes things a whole lot easier. It’s portable and bright enough to easily illuminate two pages, eliminating troublesome shadows that make reading difficult for older eyes. If the aging adults in your life love to read, this is a great gift idea.

Playing Card Holder

Playing cards is a lot of fun, but for seniors, problems in their hands can ruin what would otherwise be a good time. That’s why a Playing Card Holder like the one from Comfort House can be a great gift for seniors looking to stay in the game. Cards stand securely at an angle that’s perfect for viewing, and you can even turn the entire holder facedown without disturbing the cards. It’s the perfect way to hold a hand.

With all of the great senior products on the market today, you’re sure to find the perfect item for the seniors in your life. And remember, no matter what product you decide on, one gift that seniors always appreciate is the time you spend with them. Good luck gift shopping this season!

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