Valentine’s Day 2012: Do Something Different This Year

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I bet your plans involve some type of chocolate, with some type of flower, and dinner at the same old restaurant. Boring! Let’s shake things up people…we only live once, so let’s show our loved ones how much we care as we tap into our creatives sides!

1) Go Relive Times Past: Do you remember your first date? What is your favorite memory together? Try re-creating some of your favorite moments together this Valentine’s Day. Go back to the first place you had dinner together, watch the first movie you ever saw together, go on your first date all over again, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, travel back to one of your favorite places. Make new memories from the old ones!

2) Do Something Together You Would NEVER Do: Keep things exciting this year! Show each other how much you support each other by guiding one another through some of your biggest fears. Skydiving, hiking, eating a new food, or whatever it may be (all of these health permitting of course). Who better to watch you shake in fear than your loved one?

3) Check It Off The List: How long is your list of things you want to do in your lifetime? Pick one of those items off of your significant other’s list and help that dream become a reality. Whether it is traveling to a foreign country, writing a book, or learning how to cook…help make it happen for each other!

4) Find Your Inner Chef: Instead of having some fancy chef cook you a meal on Valentine’s Day go take a cooking class. Even better, take a class in a cuisine you have never tried before. Schools offer classes including Spanish Cuisine, sushi, Mexican Cuisine, French Cuisine, Thai Cuisine, and American comfort foods. Cooking together will provide endless amounts of fun and connection. Bring home some new skills to use way after the holiday of love is over!

5) Avoid The Crowds: Does anyone really want to battle the herds of people that will be shopping, dining, and romancing all over the place on the 14th? Here is a crazy idea…hold your own Valentine’s day on the 19th, or the 23rd, or tomorrow. You will beat the crowds, save money, and enjoy some privacy. It will be like your own personal holiday!