When is the Right Time to Move?

iStock_000060976274_MediumAt TAD Relocation, one of the things we hear most often is, “If I would have known moving would have been this easy, I would have moved years ago.” The simple truth is that when moving is managed well it can be an easy and seamless event that brings positive change.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the factors that can hinder people from moving, as well as a few of the reasons to move sooner rather than later. Who knows? Maybe the right time to move for you is now.

Why do people put off moving?

Moving can be an imposing prospect for some people. That’s understandable, and it’s largely due to two factors.

A change in general can be difficult to deal with, and leaving a familiar home for a new place is undeniably a big change. Couple the prospect of change with a complicated logistical process, and it’s easy to see why some people steer clear of the event for as long as they can. They want to stay in familiar surroundings and avoid the stress that they fear will accompany the moving process – so they put off moving.

Reasons to make the move now

Despite the obstacles, though, there are plenty of reasons why moving sooner can be better than putting things off. Here are three to consider.

  • You can actively engage in the moving process

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for aging adults to put off moving until there is a medical emergency that forces the move to happen. At this point, they become unable to participate in the decision-making process to the extent that they would like to. The sooner you move, the more control you will have over the event.

  • You can take advantage of community activities

An active senior community is home to an abundance of activities. There are often so many things to do at these communities that some people refer to them as “cruise ships on land”. Moving at the right time can ensure that you’ll be able to participate in all that these communities have to offer.

  • It’s easy

As we mentioned, we often hear that if our clients had known how easy their move would be, they would have moved years ago. That’s because, with the assistance of a senior move manager like TAD Relocation, the stress that normally accompanies the moving process can be largely avoided. A move doesn’t have to be a difficult, complicated process – With a good plan and proper support it can be simple and actually enjoyable!

When moving is done right, it can be a positive change that is accomplished simply and seamlessly. If you think the time is right for your move, then get in touch with TAD Relocation online or at 240-403-0177. We can help you bring your home with you even as you leave your house behind.